Mission Statement

The Omega Lamplighter’s mission is to establish relationships with young men in the Indianapolis & surrounding area to offer support, mentorship, guidance and assist them in their transformation to manhood & instill high leadership & academic skills.

IUF Objectives

  • To work with young men toward personal development and setting and achieving high academic, moral and ethical goals to become a better citizen.
  • To teach organizational and time management skills.
  • To encourage and foster Christian principles.
  • To help and encourage young men to adopt the principles of Manhood, develop leadership skills, and to serve as role models.
  • To develop the desire to Persevere in adverse situations.
  • To develop an awareness of Community needs and the desire to render community service.
  • To develop well-rounded young men with values, perception and skills to thrive and succeed in today’s society and yet maintain strong ties to their families and communities.

Program Attributes

Members of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Inc. volunteer to serve as mentors and worship leaders for the program. The Omega Lamplighter program models the fraternity attributes whereas active leaders and achievers in the community are sought out. The common bond between young men in the program mirrors the aim of the fraternity; to produce the greatest thinking minority males in the Indianapolis community. Please be advised that Omega Lamplighters is an entity sponsored by the Indianapolis Uplift Foundation. However, its participants are not considered or affiliated as members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Through club-oriented activities, Omega Lamplighters perform projects that will expose young men to planning, execution, reporting ideas, and simulating good leadership characteristics designed to raise their aspiration levels. The most distinctive attribute of the Omega Lamplighters program is its Workshop Areas. All activities are modeled around the following four phases:

  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Maturity
  • Perseverance

Workshop Topics & Activities

Workshops are tailored to fall within one of the four phases Leadership, Academics, Maturity, Perseverance and include topics of areas young men face today such as:

  • Academic excellence: Study tips, college prep, college visits to local colleges.
  • Grooming: Focusing on body and hair care; dental care; appropriate dress issues to include sagging; shoes shined and tennis shoe cleaning along with physical fitness.
  • Sexuality: Focusing on intercourse; abstinence; media; STDs and peer pressure.
  • Drugs: Focusing on legal drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes; illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.
  • Finance: Focusing on banking and how to properly use them; and the important of saving and/or investing .
  • Community Service: will participate in various community service activities. Details of those activities will be communicated with parents and OLL members prior to the activity.